EARTH NIGHT: [ərTH / nīt] (noun) An initiative harnessing the global power of music and nightlife to generate climate action. Organized by DJs For Climate Action, The 5th annual edition will take place April 22-24th, 2022 during the week of Earth Day. More info on previous Earth Nights here.

<aside> 💌 INVITATION: We’re calling on venues, promoters, DJs and dancers across the globe to join us in this initiative. We’ve created guidelines to help expand what’s possible for your local nightlife community, engage with the movement and be a part of EARTH NIGHT!



Follow the links for custom guidelines of how to get involved if you are a:



🌍 Register your Earth Night event here. 🌏

*DJs for Climate Action is sowing the seeds for a global community of electronic music makers who find themselves drawn to the climate and social justice movement.

Community building is crucial in pandemic times, and we want – we NEED – to continue our work of connecting venues, promoters and artists in the electronic music scene amidst ongoing uncertainty about what that scene (our scene) will be and could be when all is said and done. DJs4CA knows that what we have ahead is not so much about innovating as it is about uncovering a diamond in the rough.

Earth Night is a moment to awaken our collective greatness for a supreme cause: To raise awareness about climate change and our impact as DJs on the planet.*



What does an actual EARTH NIGHT party look like? Here are two examples from past years, and an imagined new event to show a range of what’s possible.

House Of Yes (Brooklyn, NY)